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  • Why Use an Online Alarm Clock?

    Tired of hearing the same old sound that your alarm clock makes ever since you were a kid? Alarm clocks are an efficient means of waking up early and being on time, but if it makes you want to pull your hair because of its annoying sound, or if waking up early is becoming difficult for you, then it’s time to liven up your morning routine with an online alarm clock. set alarm An online alarm clock is a more convenient and fun way of waking up early. All you need is an internet connection, your laptop or mobile phone, and a sleeping mask so you can sleep soundly and wake up happy. But if you aren’t convinced yet on using one, here are the reasons why you should use an online alarm clock now: Can be used as a backup alarm. If you want to make sure that you will wake up on time in case your bedside alarm clock does not go off, you can use an online alarm clock as a backup. Or if you have a bad habit of always hitting the snooze button, a backup alarm will make sure that you wake up on time. set alarm Includes fun and customizable features. If you want to wake up to your favorite song, then you definitely can with an online alarm clock. There are features that allow you to search for your favorite song or sounds on YouTube, then play the song to wake you up. There is also a feature if you want your friends to choose the song that you will wake up to, as well as a feature that lets friends record a message for you and play it as an alarm. The fun possibilities are endless! Portable, convenient, and hassle-free. You don’t have to lug your bedside alarm clock with you all the time, and you don’t have to worry about your mobile phone alarm that will not go off. As long as you have your laptop or mobile device with you and an internet connection, you’re sure to wake up early in a fun and relaxing way. Better sleep leads to better health. By using an online alarm clock to sleep and wake up early consistently, you are establishing good sleeping habits. Getting enough sleep improves your memory, repairs damaged tissues and regenerates new cells, and puts you in a happier disposition. To achieve a good quality of sleep, you can establish a nighttime routine to help you sleep better. Do something relaxing at least 1 hour before your bedtime: drinking a warm cup of milk, reading a book, listening to soothing music, do yoga exercises, or take a hot bath. set alarm Makes you feel excited about waking up early. Use music to wake up and change it often. Don’t use an aggressive buzzer noise 365 days of the year. This makes you hate the sound and already wake up with a negative feeling. Better use an online alarm clock service and wake up with your favorite music. Change the music every other week. Helps people with insomnia. People with insomnia have difficulty in sleeping or waking up, most especially following a sleep schedule. Even if it is difficult to do this because the brain cannot follow the body’s natural sleep-wake cycle, an online alarm clock helps in following a sleep schedule and thus, a healthier body. Going to bed and waking up at the same hour every day can help adjust the body clock until a person gradually makes it a habit to sleep and wake up at certain times of the day. set alarm Keeps your memory sharp. Whenever we are asleep, our body uses this time to restore all lost energy, reduce stress and anxiety, and improves our over-all mood. Our body also produces cells during our sleep that grow and repair the nerve cells in our brain, leading to better memory retention. Having a poor sleep quality “tends to make you forgetful and retains memories for only a short period of time.” Sleep deprivation causes reduced concentration and alertness, and could also lead to diabetes and obesity. If you want to achieve a better performance and a healthier mind, then getting enough sleep at night is the key. set alarm