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  • How To Achieve Better Sleep with a Free Online Alarm Clock

    Doesn’t it make you wonder how some people can be so lively even if their job calls for them to be at the office at 8 AM? Do you wish you could learn the secret to the efficiency in doing his tasks? These probably did one thing that helped him achieve all of these: better sleep quality. And the good news is that having a better sleep and waking up early is easy to do, even though you might think that those two do not really go well with each other. There are apps and websites with free online alarm clock that has been helping people from all over the world wake up in a happy mood and stay in that wonderful disposition throughout the day. This free online alarm clock is a fun and great tool in waking you up early because aside from the traditional alarm tone, you can also use your favorite video or song to wake you up. Plus, it has up to many snooze alarms in case you don’t wake up at the first ring. free online alarm clock How To Sleep Better Do you have difficulty in falling asleep? Try these tips if you have insomnia – and don’t forget to set your free online alarm clock so you will wake up on time. Do relaxing activities before going to bed. At least an hour before bedtime, do some activities to help you relax and fall asleep easily. Try to do things that don’t require too much energy, such as reading a book, sipping a warm cup of tea, listening to music, or writing in your journal. Avoid thinking about stressful things before going to bed as this will prevent you from sleeping soundly. Prevent noises from distracting you. External stimuli such as noises can distract the brain from fully relaxing, especially at night before going to sleep. Try using earplugs to prevent noises from interfering with your sleep and help you relax. Just make sure that you set the volume of your free online alarm clock to a volume that is loud enough to be heard despite wearing earplugs. free online alarm clock Soothe your body. Aside from your mind and mental well-being, your body and physical health should also be in a stress-free state. You cannot be fully relaxed and expect to wake up early in a happy mood if your body is worn out. To alleviate this, soothe your body by taking a warm bath with essential oils – the aroma will help your senses relax, while the oils help in soothing sore muscles. A massage will also work wonders. Placing cinnamon-scented candles in your bedroom will also help you relax. Don’t forget to set your free online alarm clock before going to sleep. Use your favorite music to wake you up. If you use the same buzzing or ringing sound every day of the year, you will hate the sound of the alarm, and hate waking up early in turn. To turn this situation around, use your favorite music to wake you up. Free online alarm clock has features that let you customize the music you want to wake up to. free online alarm clock Don’t think about stressful things. Again, stop thinking about stressful things before sleeping, because it will only keep you awake at night. Overthinking will rob you of your much-needed sleep and will leave you feeling stressed out instead of feeling refreshed. If you really can’t prevent it, write down your thoughts in a journal. This will help you let out your bottled-up stress and make you feel better. Tuck the journal away and don’t think about it again until the next day. Associate your bed with sleeping and nothing else. The bed is a place for sleeping, so in order to train your body to fall asleep easily, don’t do other activities on the bed. If you want to study, do it your desk. If you want to eat, do it in the dining room. Once you use your bed with sleeping, and nothing else, your body will associate your bed with sleeping, ad it will fall asleep easily once you get in bed. Take a walk around your neighborhood. All the daily pollutants and stress from the environment that we encounter during the day make us more haggard and less likely to relax. Take a leisurely walk around your neighborhood at nighttime. Taking a whiff of cool, fresh air will help you relax, while the physical activity from walking produces serotonin (happy hormones). Don’t forget to set your free online alarm clock before sleeping. free online alarm clock Wake up at the same time. Every day, set your free online alarm clock to the same time and go to bed when you start to feel tired. Your body will start to get used to this wake up time and you will begin to slowly and gently wake up prior to the buzzer. Do some light exercises. Doing yoga or some stretching before going to bed and after waking up will not only help you sleep better, but also enables your blood to circulate all over your body. You can select an upbeat music in your free online alarm clock to wake you up and do some stretching with it.