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  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Never Use Your Phone as an Alarm Clock

    Smartphones are the epitome of technology and convenience today. A single piece of rectangular device holds plenty of apps that are normally left at home: calendar, to-do list, notes, emails, calculator, camera, music player, and an alarm clock – not to mention other apps that have plenty of other uses as well. But let’s focus on one thing that everyone always uses on their phone: the alarm clock. Your phone’s alarm clock might seem handy and useful to you, but what you don’t know is that it has a lot of detrimental effects to your health. Here are reasons why you should not use your phone as an alarm clock, and use an online clock alarm instead such as using phone as an alarm clock Snooze alarms make it harder for you to wake up. If you constantly use snooze alarms at close intervals, then you are unknowingly doing a bad thing for your body. The brain’s neurotransmitters are chemical messengers that tell the body to wake up, but unlike electrical signals from the brain, neurotransmitters move slower. It takes about an hour to gradually and fully wake up. Interrupting the process of the neurotransmitters resets them and, as a result, makes you feel groggy when you wake up.   Snoozing releases serotonin, a hormone responsible for making you feel sleepy. But excessive snoozing in the morning might not be good for you. Use an online clock alarm instead like that helps you wake up at the first alarm. using phone as an alarm clock You have too much on your to-do list. Since smartphones have to-do list apps and calendars that allow you to keep track of your busy schedule, perhaps this is what causes you stress. Your busy schedule could also make you have an irregular sleeping schedule, resulting to sleeping problems. Irregular sleeping schedule might also lead to insomnia. Doing too much during the day and getting insufficient sleep affects your mind and body.   Lack of sleep makes it difficult to concentrate and retain information, not to mention it makes you feel lethargic and burnt out. If all of those to-do lists on your phone are making you sacrifice sleep, then maybe it’s time to prioritize the tasks that are really important. After all, no other activity is much more important than getting enough sleep. Use as your online clock alarm to help you wake up early and sleep on time. using phone as an alarm clock Changing time zones frequently messes up your body clock. Do you travel to different countries a lot? If so, you must be familiar with your phone’s World Clock feature which lets you see all the time zones around the globe. If you’re a globetrotter who is always traveling, then this could be a factor why you get insufficient sleep. It takes a day or two for your body to adjust to a new time zone, so if you are traveling frequently, try to schedule it farther away from each other. Also, use an online clock alarm such as   Your phone’s light makes it difficult to sleep. Your phone, including all other electronic gadgets, emit blue light that makes the brain think that it is sunlight. This results to the inhibition of melatonin production, a hormone that aids in sleeping, making it difficult for you to fall asleep. Which is why using mobile phones and other gadgets an hour before sleeping is strongly discouraged if you want to fall asleep faster. Instead of using your phone, try an online clock alarm like and place it far from your bed so the blue light does not reach you. using phone as an alarm clock Phone alarms have ringing sounds that are bad for your health. The solution to waking up early in a good mood? A consistent sleeping schedule, a laid-back routine before sleeping, and an efficient online clock alarm that does not jolt you awake. Instead, it wakes you up gradually, following your body’s natural waking up process. is an online clock alarm that has many customizable features to help you wake up early in a good mood.   The jolting noise of a regular alarm clock is bad for your heart, so has a feature where you can use your favorite music on YouTube to wake you up. Choose a soft music that will not startle you; this way, the effects of suddenly waking up to a ringing noise (surging blood pressure, stress, anxiety) will not affect you anymore.   Another thing to remember is that aside from an online clock alarm, natural light is still the best way to wake up to. You can still use an online clock alarm, but natural light will be less detrimental to your health. Open your curtains a little bit before sleeping to allow sunlight to enter your room, waking you up naturally.