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  • Take A Snooze

    What the hell is a online alarm clock with snooze function?

    Ever wondered what the big snooze button is for on top of your oldschool alarm clock? Well, the idea behind a snooze function is basically to have a repeating alarm buzzer after a certain time in case the first alarm dint wake you up or in case you need some more slumber time to finish your exciting dream!

    Good idea actually but why in the world would you need to press a button for that??? Thats like saying: "Wake up and get your cute a** out of bed, reach out for the alarm clock and then tell that damn thing that you didnt wake up!" Pretty weird in my opinion!

    Program a snooze alarm sequence
    Instead of pushing buttons still drowsy with sleep its much more convenient to program your online alarm clock with a snooze sequence in the evening! Agreed?

    Well just open up to 3 more instances of our handy dandy online alarm clock service and program a alarm sequence. Why not starting with a soft classical track followed by a pop song finishing off with a heavy metal tune?!

    Set a Snooze Alarm Now!

    Snooze Alarm 2
    One online alarm clock does nothing for you? I hear you. Just set a snooze alarm about 5 minutes after your main online alarm clock.

    Snooze Alarm 3
    Two online alarms and you are still not awake? Hm, ok then set the third online alarm clock again 5 minutes after your second online alarm clock. This should help!

    Snooze Alarm 4
    Three online alarm clocks and you are still sleeping like a baby? You must be a heavy sleeper! Ok set the fourth online alarm clock again 5 minutes after your last snooze alarm and this time please pick a heavy metal tune for god sake!!! Work is waiting for you :)

  • Insomnia

    nsomnia is another word for the difficulty to fall or stay asleep as long as desired. So in short it's a real nightmare!

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    6 tips for Insomnia

    1. Insomnia is a problem with your brain’s sleep cycle

    being unable to sleep and always being awake can cause detrimental effects to your physical and mental well-being. It can be caused by many factors, including medical conditions like asthma, nasal allergies, hyperthyroidism, and gastrointestinal problems. There are also medicines that can cause difficulty in falling asleep such as those for high blood pressure, asthma, and birth control.

    2. People with insomnia have difficulty in falling a sleep

    staying asleep throughout the night, or waking up too early in the morning. While there are ways on helping yourself have a better sleep quality, insomnia could be caused by an underlying medical condition so it is best to visit a doctor if this problem persists. Here are six tips on how to fall asleep better with insomnia.

    3. Have a few hours of relaxation before going to sleep

    Setting aside at least two hours of down-time before going to bed promotes better sleep. Dim the lights, listen to soothing music, read a book, or do yoga and breathing exercises. You can light a cinnamon or lavender scented candle and place it in your room to help you relax. Taking a warm bath with essential oils will also help as well. You can also try journaling and write down everything that happened to you earlier in the day – the good events and the stressful ones. Letting everything out will help lessen overthinking when you should be sleeping.

    4. Turn off your gadgets or place them away from your bed

    Electronic gadgets emit artificial light (often called blue light) that stimulate the brain to produce hormones that signal the body that it is daytime. To avoid tossing and turning in your bed the whole night, turn off your laptop and computer. If it is possible, turn off your phone, but you can also dim the screen brightness or turn on Night Mode. Don’t charge your phone on your bedside table, and refrain from using gadgets that emit blue light a few hours before bedtime to help you sleep soundly.

    5. Associate the bed with sleeping only, and nothing else

    The bed should only be a place for sleeping, period. Don’t work or do your homework on the bed, as it will discourage sleep later on. Programming your body to think of the bed as a place for sleeping only and nothing else will make your brain think it’s time for some beauty rest whenever you lie on the bed. Use comfortable mattresses, soft pillows, and clean bedsheets as well. Napping during the day is good too, but limit it to just 10 to 20 minutes – that’s already enough to make you feel recharged.

    6. Follow a sleep schedule

    Even if it is difficult to do this because your brain cannot follow your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle, try to follow a sleep schedule. Go to bed and wake up at the same hour every day. This can help adjust your body clock until you gradually make it a habit to sleep and wake up at certain times of the day. Set an alarm for bedtime to remind you when to sleep, and also one for waking up. iPhones have a feature in its Clock app called Bedtime that can help you do this. Limit your caffeine intake as well, since coffee keeps you awake; drink a cup of warm milk instead.

  • Wake up early tips

    Get the right amount of sleep

    The very first step to waking up early is to get sufficient shut-eye – you can’t scrimp on sleep and then expect to wake up early in the morning feeling great. Getting enough sleep improves your memory, repairs damaged tissues and regenerates new cells, and puts you in a happier disposition. Adult men generally need 7 to 9 hours of sleep; adult women need 8 to 9 hours of sleep; pregnant women need 9 to 10 hours; and children and the elderly need 10 hours.

    To achieve a good quality of sleep, you can establish a nighttime routine to help you sleep better. Do something relaxing at least 1 hour before your bedtime: drinking a warm cup of milk, reading a book, listening to soothing music, do yoga exercises, or take a hot bath. Winding down before going to bed will help ease you mind and body, allowing you to wake up in a good mood no matter how stressed you are the night before.

    Wake up at the same time every day

    Train your body to wake up at the same time every day so it will become a habit for you and you won’t have that constant snooze battle with your alarm clock. Pick a time that you want to wake up, then count backwards with the number of hours that you need to sleep. This will be the time when you should go to bed.

    If you are having a difficult time in adjusting your wake-up time, you can gradually train yourself until you achieve the earliest time possible for you to wake up. For example, if your goal is to wake up at 7 AM, try setting your alarm clock at 7:45 first, then 7:30 for the next day, then 7:15, until you reach 7 AM.

    Find something to get excited about

    In order for you to truly wake up early, think of something exciting that will motivate you to jump out of your bed enthusiastically. Is it a new dress that you can wear to work? Seeing your crush at school again? Trying out a new coffee flavor in your favorite coffee shop? Find little things that will make you excited about waking up early so it doesn’t become a chore for you.

    Place your alarm clock far from your bed

    If your alarm clock is somewhere you can easily reach, like on your bedside table, you can just easily reach it and turn it off then fall back asleep. Put your alarm clock somewhere you’ll have to get up and walk in order to turn it off. Don’t go back to bed or snooze your clock, or else it will be all for nothing.

    If you are living with roommates, tell them that you will be setting an alarm clock early in the morning. Be considerate of other people so they will know whether to use earplugs or something similar and they won’t wake up irritated.

    Jolt your senses awake

    Your eyes aren’t the only organs that should wake up, but your whole body and senses as well. Take a cool shower to jolt you awake; it helps cool your internal organs and is good for your hair. Use scented body wash and lotions to perk you up. Open your curtains and let the sunlight in so your body produces hormones that tell you it’s time to wake up.

    Use an online alarm clock

    If you want to develop a habit of waking up early, you have to be consistent with the time when you wake up. Another efficient online alarm clock, Online-Clock Alarm has an alarm clock, timer, and chronometer to help you keep track of your time better. To use the online alarm clock, click the Online Clock Alarm option then fill up the Hours, Minutes & Seconds fields. The alarm is based on your computer time. Also, make sure that your computer doesn’t fall into Sleep Mode so your alarm will definitely wake you up at your desired time. To wake up to a music alarm or mp3, selected Sound Happy Morning.

  • Best Late For Work Excuses

    Tell your boss in advance

    As much as possible, let your boss know if you are going to skip work at least a day before so both of you can discuss about what to do with the tasks. If you are going to be late, contact your boss immediately and let him know about your predicament, then offer to do something extra to make up for your tardiness.

    Your boss or supervisor have probably heard their fair share of honest to lame excuses. Telling the truth (well, at least a huge chunk of your excuse, anyway) will save you from the embarrassment in case your employers probe whether you are lying or not. You might also forget what you said after a couple of days, and it could get you in trouble.


    You had to take care of your sick grandma, cook for your family, do your kid’s homework, and listen to your husband about his day at work, when the truth is that you just binge-watched Grey’s Anatomy or played video games all night long.

    Although it’s fun to let your imagination run wild and come up with the most creative late for work excuse, consider these following tips so you don’t get on your boss’s nerves and still keep your job:

    Power outage

    The power went out just when you were about to iron your clothes, and gods forbid if you went to work with a wrinkled clothing.

    Long coffee shop line

    Tell your boss that the line at the coffee shop was extremely long this morning and, to make matters worse, some people just take about ten minutes to decide what kind of coffee they want to order.

    Getting kids to school

    There are also other variations to this excuse, such as the school cancelling the class, making you pick up your kid from school. Or your kid being a kid and decided that he’s not in the mood for school.

    Flat tire or broken car

    This is one of the most common excuses, but be careful because some employers will look for proof of repairs or damage. You could also put an already-flat tire in your trunk, just in case.

  • Do You Wanna know...?

    ..why I never have to wake up all alone anymore?

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